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Blue Fog Noodle BowlBlue Fog Noodle Bowl
Blue Fog Noodle Bowl
Sale price$12.00
Sinful BowlsSinful Bowls
Sinful Bowls
Sale priceFrom $9.00
Mochi Shallow BowlMochi Shallow Bowl
Mochi Shallow Bowl
Sale price$12.00
Origami Sauce Bowl, Set of 4Origami Sauce Bowl, Set of 4
Oasis Shallow BowlOasis Shallow Bowl
Oasis Shallow Bowl
Sale price$8.00
Oasis Snack BowlOasis Snack Bowl
Oasis Snack Bowl
Sale price$10.50
Oasis Soup BowlOasis Soup Bowl
Oasis Soup Bowl
Sale price$12.00
Oasis Serving BowlOasis Serving Bowl
Oasis Serving Bowl
Sale price$36.00
Origami Rice BowlOrigami Rice Bowl
Origami Rice Bowl
Sale price$8.50

3 colors available

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Stormy Waves Pasta BowlStormy Waves Pasta Bowl
Stormy Waves Pasta Bowl
Sale price$22.00
Stormy Waves Snack BowlStormy Waves Snack Bowl
Stormy Waves Snack Bowl
Sale price$15.00
Stormy Waves Serving BowlStormy Waves Serving Bowl
Stormy Waves Serving Bowl
Sale price$50.00
Hypnotic Rice BowlHypnotic Rice Bowl
Hypnotic Rice Bowl
Sale price$8.00

4 colors available

Mochi Serving BowlMochi Serving Bowl
Mochi Serving Bowl
Sale price$19.00
Blue Radiance Pasta BowlBlue Radiance Pasta Bowl
Blue Radiance Pasta Bowl
Sale price$22.00
Blue Radiance Soup BowlBlue Radiance Soup Bowl
Blue Radiance Soup Bowl
Sale price$16.00
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Best Friend Bowl, Set of 4Best Friend Bowl, Set of 4
Best Friend Bowl, Set of 4
Sale price$36.00
Silk Road Rice BowlSilk Road Rice Bowl
Silk Road Rice Bowl
Sale price$15.00

2 colors available

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Onyx Salad BowlOnyx Salad Bowl
Onyx Salad Bowl
Sale price$10.00
Blue Fog Soup BowlBlue Fog Soup Bowl
Blue Fog Soup Bowl
Sale price$26.00
Mango Wood and Lacquer Bowl, LargeMango Wood and Lacquer Bowl, Large
Black Aluminum Crosshatch Bowl, LargeBlack Aluminum Crosshatch Bowl, Large
Mango Wood Kiln Fired Bowl, MediumMango Wood Kiln Fired Bowl, Medium
Kimono Stripes Rice BowlKimono Stripes Rice Bowl
Kimono Stripes Rice Bowl
Sale price$15.00